All in the family

For the people who work at Freese and Nichols, there is nothing we wouldn't do for someone in our family. From employee health programs, company-sponsored sporting events and tuition reibursement to cabins for family vacations and vesting in a retirement plan, we understand that keeping our company healthy means promoting the health of our team. So, whether it is providing care across the cubicle or across an ocean, Freese and Nichols sticks with our principles and our family. See how important wellness is to us »

Around the world, close to home

In our work, our workplace, our communities and even internationally, Freese and Nichols is committed to protecting precious resources and improving the overall quality of life. Our efforts are reflected in initiatives made by individual employees, programs resulting from corporate policy and benefits of projects for clients who come to Freese and Nichols for green solutions. Read About Our Sustainability Efforts »

Partnering with our community is more than service, it's stewardship

Freese and Nichols has a large footprint. In fact, it covers the entire Southwest United States and beyond. With feet that large, we are dedicated to taking big steps in the communities where we serve. Through partnerships with non-profit organizations and personal connections in various areas, the FNI team does more than serve its communities, we are stewards for them. Our job is to build in our industry - only we start with building relationships. Learn more about our community service efforts »

Commitment to Lifelong Learning

At Freese and Nichols, we have been emphasizing education for more than a century. Freese and Nichols University (FN University), our in-house education and training program, continues our founder’s emphasis on education as a life-long process. We extend the benefits of in-house education to clients through seminars and workshops hosted throughout the Southwest and Southeast United States. In addition, our employees give back to their professions through membership and leadership in local, state and national organizations that govern our vocations today. Learn about our Professional Service »

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