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Public Works Project of the Year

American Public Works Association, Texas Chapter

The Highlands Reservoir Rehabilitation and Improvements was selected as a Public Works Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association - Texas Chapter.

Category: Structures, $5 million-$25 million

Client: San Jacinto River Authority

Location: Harris County, east of Houston

Project Manager: Cody Cockroft, Water Resources, Houston

Summary: This project rehabilitated and improved the deteroriating dam at Highlands Reservoir, which provides water for major petrochemical facilities. Our team raised 9,600 feet of embankment and armored 13,500 feet of slope; replaced a nonfuctional emergency spillway and inoperable outlet structures; and expanded the reservoir storage capacity by 1,000 acre-feet. Their innovative measures saved nearly $2 million (23 percent) from original cost estimates.