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Innovation in Action

At Freese and Nichols, we understand that your challenges have become larger, costlier and more complicated. This is where we thrive. For 123 years, we’ve built our reputation on innovative client service, guiding organizations large and small through their toughest problems.

Innovation is the essence of the Freese and Nichols culture. From tuition assistance to research funding, we’ve structured our company to inspire innovation every day. The results are solutions for our clients that span disciplines and geography. Please join us as we visit them.

New Sight for Old Pipes


Forecast at Your Fingertips

August 01, 2016

In the spring of 2015, after years of record-breaking drought, massive rains brought much-needed relief to much of the Southwest. Municipalities and agencies suddenly had to pivot from critical water supply issues to critical drainage and flooding issues. To serve clients amid the changing...

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Climbing to New Heights for Rehabilitation

August 01, 2016

On the Texas-Louisiana border, the 108-foot-high Toledo Bend Dam impounds Toledo Bend Reservoir, one of the largest reservoirs in the South. In 2010, a Freese and Nichols climbing team inspected the spillway tainter gates and hoists, finding some corrosion and section loss. Still, some unknowns...

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Constructive Collaboration

September 12, 2015

In Southeast Texas, the challenges of a project site on Lake Conroe brought out the best of the Construction Manager at Risk delivery method. Designers and constructors interacted early on to determine how to construct a bridge and pipes over 60-feet-deep water and across the embankment without...

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Treatment at New Depths

September 04, 2015

Freese and Nichols truly dug deep when Dallas Water Utilities needed a new influent pump station. The team challenged the industry mindset of wastewater pump station design, emerging with an innovative facility that cost 30 percent less than traditional designs. With six vertical turbine solids...

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How to Solve a Good Problem

August 30, 2015

The City of Kerrville provides non-potable reuse water from its wastewater treatment plant for irrigation of golf courses and recreational areas. The City’s reuse program is so successful that 100 percent of the City’s summertime wastewater effluent flow is reused — and other potential customers...

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These Upgrades are Taking Off

August 27, 2015

From parking your car to boarding your plane to retrieving your luggage, every step of the DFW Airport experience is getting easier. Freese and Nichols is serving as Program Manager for this 10-year, $3.2 billion program, which is overhauling the four original terminals at the world’s third-...

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Solutions, Rain or Shine

August 24, 2015

Whenever it stormed in San Antonio, it wasn’t unusual to see trash cans or furniture floating down Broadway Street at Hildebrand Avenue. The major thoroughfares had been repaved so often that the curbs were only a half-inch tall, rather than the usual seven inches, so rain frequently led to...

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New Sight for Old Pipes

August 22, 2015

When large sewer interceptors fail, the damage can be extensive and the emergency repairs costly. But pre-emptively cleaning or replacing the pipes are expensive undertakings as well, especially when their condition isn’t known beforehand. To solve this dilemma for the Fort Worth Water...

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Energizing Education

August 19, 2015

At Tarrant County College’s Center of Excellence for Energy Technology, students receive training for careers in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration; oil and gas; wind generation; and geothermal energy. They also learn from the facility itself. The 87,000-square-foot center is an...

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Framework for a Vision

August 15, 2015

Over the past decades, the City of Edmond had established a clear vision for its Downtown: a vibrant place to live, work and play. With the 2014 Downtown Master Plan, Freese and Nichols’ planners laid out steps to bring that vision to life. With a focus on implementation, the Plan provides...

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