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Innovation in Action

At Freese and Nichols, we understand that your challenges have become larger, costlier and more complicated. This is where we thrive. For 125 years, we’ve built our reputation on innovative client service, guiding organizations large and small through their toughest problems.

Innovation is the essence of the Freese and Nichols culture. From tuition assistance to research funding, we’ve structured our company to inspire innovation every day. The results are solutions for our clients that span disciplines and geography. Read more in our annual Innovation Report.


Mapping Better Asset Management

May 13, 2019

The Central Regional Wastewater System is one of the largest treatment plants in Texas, and its owner, the Trinity River Authority (TRA), wanted to be able to identify work order locations spatially and provide its employees a spatial reference of work order location.

It needed a system...

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Bringing Back the Creek

April 12, 2019

Glade Creek flows through an urban park and is stocked with trout, making it a popular destination for anglers.

However, the creek’s banks were severely eroding, causing high sediment loads to settle in the overly wide channel.

Freese and Nichols is restoring the creek...

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A Path Toward a Vibrant Vision

March 14, 2019

Texas City needed a catalyst.

Although it has many strong assets as a deepwater port, the City was concerned about its economic reliance on the petrochemical industry and its large share of workers who commute from elsewhere.

Freese and Nichols developed the Texas City Livable...

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Flood Relief to Transform a Community

February 06, 2019

In Atlanta’s Vine City and English Avenue community, stormwater runoff into the combined sewer system had caused significant flooding and sewer overflows in recent years.

The Rodney Cook Sr. Park project, in view from the site of...

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Bigger and Brighter at DFW Airport

January 10, 2019

DFW International Airport has undergone many changes, both visible and behind the scenes, throughout the past eight years.

Freese and Nichols served as...

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After the Storm, Answering the Call

December 19, 2018

When Hurricane Matthew struck North Carolina, high floodwaters washed away a critical section of a 24-inch water main along a creek in Sanford.

As a result, a large section of the water distribution system was drained, and the City was left with only one connection from the water...

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A Landmark in More Ways Than One

August 05, 2016

At the University of Texas at Austin, the new Moody Pedestrian Bridge is an iconic gateway to campus and a safe crossing for students. It’s also a landmark achievement for bridge design. Designed by noted bridge designer Miguel Rosales, the bridge is the first inverted Fink truss in the nation...

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When Every Minute Matters

August 05, 2016

It was late afternoon on the Friday before Memorial Day 2015, but as most people were starting their holiday weekend, the City of Wichita Falls had more pressing concerns. The weather service was projecting that the next day, the Wichita River would crest potentially as high as 30 feet — 6 feet...

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Bringing Wetlands Back to Life

August 05, 2016

Along the Texas Gulf Coast, a tidal ecosystem was declining. Sediment and oyster shell had accumulated over a few decades, cutting off the inlet and blocking tidal exchanges. As water quality deteriorated, vegetation and fish followed. The bird population declined, as did tourism and...

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High Tech, Low Cost

August 05, 2016

In the fast-growing Town of Morrisville, Freese and Nichols is helping stormwater staff become more efficient. Our team developed a stormwater database that enables staff to easily track illicit discharges and drainage concerns reported by residents. Within that database, our team built a...

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