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Water Districts/River Authorities

Water: Planning and Design to Fit the Future

Freese and Nichols’ history in the area of water supply parallels the history of water resources in Texas. Today, we deploy a unique skill set and diverse range of sophisticated technologies to assist river authorities, water districts and water systems to develop, maintain and conserve water resources. Our services and water resources consulting expand beyond Texas to projects throughout the Southwest and Southeast United States.


In recent years, we have been the primary or sub-consultant on the majority of water plans submitted by the 16 Texas regions to formulate the statewide water plan. Freese and Nichols has assisted water resource entities in permitting activities, including environmental assessments, water use projections, consulting reports and public participation.

Dams and Reservoirs

Freese and Nichols has designed and rehabilitated more dams in Texas than any other organization or agency. Our transmission pipeline designs in the last five years traverse more than 400 miles. Our work includes developing new Hydrologic and Hydraulic Guidelines for Dams in Texas on behalf of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Our projects also include dam design and rehabilitation in Georgia, New York and West Virginia.

As environmental concerns and looming demands focus attention on developing new sources of water, conserving and re-using water from existing sources and more sensitivity to the role of water in the environment, Freese and Nichols continues to lead the way in anticipating and responding to the needs of water districts and river authorities. 

Funding: Collaboration…Planning…Implementation

Freese and Nichols understands the growing demands on our clients’ budgets. The process of selecting and applying for the appropriate grants and loans can be a challenging and time-consuming experience. The Freese and Nichols Funding Team is dedicated to helping our clients select the appropriate funding opportunity, navigate the application process and obtain funding for their water and wastewater projects.