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Freese and Nichols was contracted by the City of Arlington to formulate and design drainage improvements to alleviate the repetitive flooding of approximately 30 residential structures in the Green Meadows subdivision. The flood prone homes are located in a low-lying area which is adjacent to an existing undersized channel.

The project started in 2008 with a dynamic hydraulic modeling study and alternatives analysis. Several...

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A critical component for any project is obtaining the necessary financial support to fund the project. This is especially important in funding projects with a diverse customer base. The project not only needs to meet the customers’ expectations for a reliable and sustainable water supply to meet future growth, but reduce rate impacts through outside funding assistance programs.

Freese and Nichols (FNI) assisted the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) in pursuing the following Texas Water...

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  • Model stability can be sensitive to the computation interval. Lowering the computation interval of your plan file may reduce your error and make the model more stable.
  • If a drop structure is present in the model, the best way to represent it is as an inline structure.
  • Lateral and inline structure stability factors can improve model stability. In order to improve model stability, try...
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    In order to allow for development around the Will Rogers Memorial Center, Freese and Nichols provided design services for the realignment of Harley Avenue.

    Freese and Nichols evaluated how to route a large upstream drainage area through the project while considering downstream ecological impacts to the multiple stakeholders in this active community. This project involved extensive coordination with these stakeholders, including Fort Worth Botanic Garden, potential future upstream improvements in the Eastern Arlington Heights...

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    In 2008, Freese and Nichols assisted the Somervell County Water District in preparing a $32-million loan application for the Texas Water Development Board’s (TWDB) Water Infrastructure Fund (WIF) loan. The County was in need of relieving overuse of groundwater in the Trinity Aquifer. The District’s goal was to transition the County from groundwater to surface water. The WIF loan helped pay for the treatment facilities and distribution system.

    Unfortunately that...

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    The North Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forum is organizing a Low Impact Development (LID) design competition in Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW). The competition includes designs for four professional projects and one student project, all located within the DFW Metroplex. The professional competition features projects in urban redevelopment, green streets, mixed use development and multi-family development while the student competition focuses on urban residential redevelopment. Contestants are challenged with creating a design for each of these projects using...

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    The Texas Water Development Board is expected to have funds available in the Water Infrastructure Fund (WIF) left from the previous year’s appropriations to implement State Water Plan projects. The deadline to submit applications for this funding is August 1, 2012. Please note that after this funding is spent, no additional funding will be available for this loan without legislative authorization. Although the voters approved a $6-billion debt offering, these funds will not have incentives,...

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