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Having a mentor where you work gives you a friend, teacher and a guide who can offer his/her own life experiences.

Chances are that whatever you’re going through in your career, the mentor has already been there. The mentor also gives you someone besides your boss or immediate co-workers to bounce ideas off of and help look out for you.

Investing in the next generation is a big part of the Freese...

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Whether you feel like you’ve aced your interview or not, these next few steps can play an important role in landing the job.

1. Thank-you notes

A well handwritten thank-you note will go a long way in making you stand-out to potential employers. You’re probably wondering why you should mail a thank-you note when it’s faster and more convenient to send an email. Well, for one, an email is not personal, and it...

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When I was an Engineer-in-Training, my manager at Freese and Nichols encouraged us to get involved with professional organizations but also to devote time to a cause we felt passionately about.

As a result, I’ve become increasingly active with Water for People , an international nonprofit group that focuses on providing “innovative and long-lasting solutions to the water, sanitation, and hygiene problems in the developing world.” One of the reasons I became...

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Finding a job you love can be a meandering journey that eventually leads you to a position where your skills are a perfect fit, even if you hadn’t imagined yourself there.

It took working in several very different and unrelated fields before I joined Freese and Nichols in a business technology role that has let me build my strengths and discover strengths I didn’t realize I had.

I enlisted in the U.S....

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An internship is essential for getting a taste of what it means to be an engineer. Even better is a co-op, which allows you to learn alongside professional engineers for a full year.

I was a full-time co-op at the Austin Office of Freese and Nichols in the summer and fall of 2015 then worked part time in the spring of 2016 while finishing my last semester at the University of Texas at...

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Now that you’re at a career fair, here’s how to avoid the awkward silence when you meet potential employers at their booths. Remember: you’re both trying to gauge whether you’re a good fit for their company.

Recruiters might see hundreds of people a day at a fair. Here’s how to make that first impression count:

  • Customize your elevator pitch. It should be 15-30 seconds.
    • Introduce yourself and explain your
  • ...

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As fall career fair season kicks into gear, recruiters will span the country seeking the next generation of talent. (We’d love to meet you: see where we’ll be this spring .) Here’s how you can prep before the fair’s doors open:

  • Research the companies on the attendees list and determine which you’re most interested in . Narrow your list to three to five and find out more about...
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    Soon our recruiters will head across the country for career fairs at local universities. Get to know the smiling faces at our booths.

    Also, see where they'll be heading here.

    Lauren Cowling

    Alma mater: Texas Tech University, bachelor’s degree in business administration

    How to stand out at a career fair: Research the company and career opportunities before the fair....

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