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Building Ramps in the Rain

The Corpus Christi office completed a project on schedule, under budget and received positive feedback, all on their own time. Employees volunteered on a rainy weekend to help their community, building a ramp for a couple who can no longer safely navigate their front porch steps.

Photo: Ben Juarez, Ernesto Garcia, Ron Guzman, Kyle Schmidt, Shane Torno and Brian Bresler with the homeowner

The group tries to complete two ramp builds a year, in addition to many other group and individual service projects they take on.

"In addition to giving back to our community we enjoy working together on a hands-on project as a way of team building," Shane Torno says. "In this way we build our leadership skills within the group in addition to giving back to our community and having social time together." 

Each ramp build has had a different "Project Manager" from the group who meets with the homeowner, designs the ramp, purchases materials and leads the construction effort. Ben Juarez led the ramp build this year.

At the completion of the build the PM figures the total construction cost, which is split up among the team. Even though the photos show a cold and rainy day, Shane says they really enjoyed the opportunity to build and spend time together.

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