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Community Involvement Spotlight: Sabrina Joplin

As we celebrate our 120th anniversary, we're continuing a series on Freese and Nichols' dedication to community service, highlighting employees who donate time and money to organizations they're passionate about.

Over the past year and a half Sabrina Joplin, Environmental Science, Austin, has led an effort to permit and plan a community garden in Northwest Austin called Adelphi Acre. When finished, individuals in the community will be able to rent a plot of land to grow their own vegetables, fruits and plants.

Adelphi Acre is the first community garden allowed on city-owned public works right-of-way. For this reason it has been held under tougher scrutiny than previous community gardens as the City wrote the rule book around the application request, taking time to determine what precedent would be set for future projects. The group has gone back to the drawing board at least six times, but has garnered community support and praise from the City of Austin.

In the early planning days, Patrick Garnett, Environmental Science, helped with site analysis, performed a voluntary tree survey, joined Sabrina on the first site visits with the City of Austin, and offered expertise utilized in planning efforts. In August, Billy Metzger, Accounting, joined the Steering Committee by accepting the position of treasurer/liaison with the Sustainable Food Center, the project's nonprofit sponsor.

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