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DROUGHT RESPONSE: FNI Drought Seminar Presentation

Over the last year, Freese and Nichols has hosted half-day and one-hour seminars to discuss Texas' drought with recommendations on how clients can respond. Questions included: How does the Texas drought affect our clients? How does the 2011 drought compare to previous droughts? How long will the drought last? What can our clients do in response to the drought?  Click here to view the February 2012 presentation for the one-hour Freese and Nichols drought seminar.  Click here to view the November 2011 presentation for the half-day “Effective Drought Strategies” seminar. Presenters for the half-day seminar in Fort Worth included State Meteorologist Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, climate-change expert Dr. Katharine Hayhoe from Texas Tech University, and Tom Gooch and Brian Coltharp with Freese and Nichols

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