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FNI Presents to Best of the Best

Chief Financial Officer Cindy Milrany, Chief Human Resources Officer Ken Reeves  and Organizational Development Specialist Stephanie Buckingham presented to a global gathering of employee talent development professionals in Washington, D.C., in October, sharing FNI's experiences in Applying Continuous Improvement to Talent Development. The Freese and Nichols team shared insights, methods and experience at the Association for Talent Development (ATD)'s Learn from the BEST conference.

The group, joined by Stephanie's husband, Todd Buckingham, also attended the BEST awards ceremony, where they joined 35 other organizations recognized for their talent development programs. Companies from around the world, including IBM, Tata, Maersk Shipping and BNSF, were honored. Freese and Nichols was among the smallest organizations receiving the award; the largest, IBM, has a workforce of 377,757.

In the statement released by ATD, Tony Bingham, ATD President and CEO, said, "Creating innovative, vibrant learning cultures and developing talent in ways that clearly contribute to strategic business goals, are hallmarks of ATD BEST winners. They get it. Leaders in these organizations value the impact that talent development achieves, because they know that having a knowledgeable and skilled workforce drives success."

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