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Freese and Nichols Finds Funding for Dam Repairs

Freese and Nichols has been working with a municipal client in evaluating a 63-year-old dam, which has served as a primary water supply source. During a routine dam safety inspection, our team identified seepage and slope slides which posed a serious dam safety risk.  At the time, the client did not have funds available to perform repairs, and funds to repair dams are few and far between in Texas.

Freese and Nichols determined the dam was constructed with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to provide flood control, thus making the dam eligible for the Structural Repair Grant Program offered by the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB). Under this program, state funds are used to pay for 95% of eligible repair costs, while the local cost share is only 5%.

On short notice, our team prepared a grant application which leveraged existing information such as inspection reports, rehabilitation assessments, breach analysis studies, and operation and maintenance agreements. Our Freese and Nichols team also prepared a conceptual repair alternative, developed construction cost estimates for the repairs, and assisted TSSWCB staff during a selection site visit. The grant was ultimately selected as only one of two projects in the entire state to receive funding. Currently designs for the repairs are being prepared.     

In previous years, TSSWCB has solicited applications for its grant programs in November. If you have questions about the Structural Repair Grant Program or have any questions regarding your dam, contact Murphy Parks, P.E. at 817-735-7439 or


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