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Freese and Nichols Joins InfoWorks Texas User Group

Freese and Nichols is now part of a new InfoWorks Texas User Group (IWTXUG) comprised of other firms and municipalities. The group has developed a website with goals to facilitate:

  • More coordinated discussions with Innovyze
  • Provide links to discussion groups for dealing with modeling issues
  • Identifying training needs and scheduling training
  • Other purposes as they may arise

Thus far, the group has met with Innovyze representatives to discuss the new ICM software, customer support issues, and feature enhancement requests. Members can post requests for training in InfoWorks software, and a new section was recently added to submit requests for new features in InfoWorks.

IWTXUG is a good resource for both experienced and novice users of InfoWorks. This group is private and by request only, so if you are interested in joining, please visit IWTXUG online and choose “Apply for Group Membership” in the right toolbar.

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