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Freitag Creek Crossing Keeps Natural Feel: Smoothing the Way for Pedestrians and Cyclists

As part of the firm’s Bee Cave Parkway project, Freese and Nichols designed a two-span pedestrian and cyclist crossing under Bee Cave Parkway and alongside Freitag Creek to provide access to the city park. Throughout the project, keeping close to Freitag Creek’s natural features was crucial to the City.

Innovative Creek Crossing under Bee Cave Parkway
Freese and Nichols innovatively designed Freitag Creek’s two-span pedestrian crossing under Bee Cave Parkway as a multi-purpose facility able to provide pedestrian and cyclist access as well as convey stormwater runoff. One span of the concrete arched structure will convey frequent flood flows up to and including the 10-year storm event. The other span will see everyday use as a hike and bike path and, during large storm events, convey stormwater runoff. Each span was designed in efforts to minimize environmental disturbance.

Staged Channel Mimics Natural Flow
Further downstream from the creek crossing, Freese and Nichols designed a staged drainage channel mimicking the natural flow of the creek, thus helping to preserve the creek’s natural appearance. To maintain a stable channel slope, the team incorporated two limestone drop structures, creating a riffle-pool system to dissipate energy along the channel. To maintain stable side slopes and prevent erosion along the creek, the team specified live fascine bundles and live stakings of native plant species to continue our efforts to preserve the creek’s natural environment.

Environmental Efforts Lowered Project Costs
As a result of the project’s low environmental footprint, notification to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was not required resulting in significant cost savings for the City.

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