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Funding Success Story - Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority

A critical component for any project is obtaining the necessary financial support to fund the project. This is especially important in funding projects with a diverse customer base. The project not only needs to meet the customers’ expectations for a reliable and sustainable water supply to meet future growth, but reduce rate impacts through outside funding assistance programs.

Freese and Nichols (FNI) assisted the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) in pursuing the following Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) funding programs:

     •Water Infrastructure Fund (WIF) 

     •Regional Water Facility Grant Program (grant)

WIF is a subsidized low interest loan that is used to implement recommended water management strategies in the State Water Plan. GBRA is using the $4.4-million loan for a planning study of the Mid-Basin Water supply project to serve the growing Central Texas area. Components of the project being evaluated include groundwater supplies, aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), and surface water with an off-channel reservoir along with treatment and transmission options for the supplies. The Freese and Nichols team is tasked with analyzing aquifer recharge enhancement facilities. GBRA is also proactively communicating the need for future construction, which will assist the TWDB in making their legislative appropriations request (LAR) to the 83rd Legislature.

The regional water supply grant received has a 50-percent local match for total study cost of $200,000. The grant allows GBRA to study water supply facility alternatives and coordinate with regional stakeholders to prioritize future water supply projects. The objective of the study is to evaluate phasing, water demands, and project locations to formulate a regional solution to leverage economies of scale for a more cost effective facility.

Our record in assisting owners in obtaining TWDB funding assistance for their projects shows that timing and experience with programs are key. Each project is unique and various types of funding programs are available. Do you have a water or wastewater project that could benefit from a low-interest loan or grant? If so, contact Jill Trevino to discuss your funding options. 

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