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Giving Back, an Hour at a Time

CFO Cindy Milrany handed off items collected for the March of Dimes Baby Shower in August.

Since Freese and Nichols’ 110th anniversary in 2004, we have asked employees to log their comm​unity service hours, with an annual hourly goal equivalent to the anniversary year. For all employees who reached that goal, Freese and Nichols made a matching donation to the organizations of their choice. Starting this year, the annual goal is set at 100 hours, and the donations will continue to correspond to the anniversary.

As of mid-year 2015:

  • 61 employees have logged volunteer hours
  • 2 of those employees have already surpassed the annual 100-hour goal
  • We have devoted 1,873 hours total to community service

We appreciate all of the men and women who have selflessly given their time to serve their communities! We will recognize community service volunteers as a group at our annual meeting, with $121 donations to the organizations served by 100-hour volunteers. 

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