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Green Meadows Drainage Improvements

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Freese and Nichols was contracted by the City of Arlington to formulate and design drainage improvements to alleviate the repetitive flooding of approximately 30 residential structures in the Green Meadows subdivision. The flood prone homes are located in a low-lying area which is adjacent to an existing undersized channel.

The project started in 2008 with a dynamic hydraulic modeling study and alternatives analysis. Several public meetings as well as significant public involvement were required during the study phase of the project in order to gain support from the community. Dynamic modeling animations from InfoWorks were used to illustrate existing and proposed flooding conditions to the residents. The animations were well received by the public and corroborated that our model was a good representation of what was actually occurring in the Green Meadows neighborhood. The use of dynamic hydraulic modeling software as a public involvement tool was an innovative approach that proved to be effective in gaining public support for the project.

 Freese and Nichols took another innovative approach in proposing a multiuse stormwater detention facility to be located in an existing adjacent park property. Proposed enhancement of park amenities, such as soccer fields located within the detention facility, encouraged the implementation of the project. The City’s stormwater department also agreed to design and implement a trail and irrigation system for the proposed detention facility. 

This project was a collaborative effort between residents, designers and multiple City departments. The final design includes 2,000 linear feet of proposed enlarged concrete block channel, two vehicular bridges, 1,500 linear feet of storm drain, detention pond and diversion structures and water and wastewater improvements. The project is currently under design with construction anticipated for the fall of 2012.

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