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Harley Avenue Realignment

In order to allow for development around the Will Rogers Memorial Center, Freese and Nichols provided design services for the realignment of Harley Avenue.

Freese and Nichols evaluated how to route a large upstream drainage area through the project while considering downstream ecological impacts to the multiple stakeholders in this active community. This project involved extensive coordination with these stakeholders, including Fort Worth Botanic Garden, potential future upstream improvements in the Eastern Arlington Heights neighborhood, site-specific environmental constraints set forth by deed restrictions on a large tract in the project area, and local drainage concerns on Harley Avenue. The entire project was on a fast-track design and the construction schedule, which was broken into two phases, was driven by deed restrictions.

The first phase included the final design and construction of approximately 1,200 linear feet of two 9-foot by 6-foot box culverts and repaving of Harley Avenue between University and Rip Johnson. This phase was started in 2010 and construction was completed in the spring of 2011.

The second phase is twice as long, with half the time to complete it. This phase included the design of the new Harley roadway from Rip Johnson to Montgomery, a new traffic signal at El Campo and Montgomery, 2,000 linear feet of two 11-foot by 6-foot box culverts, 1,000 linear feet of 7-foot by 7-foot box culverts, downstream channel improvements, and utility relocations. Phase 2 is currently under construction and is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2012, prior to the 2013 Stock Show.

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