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Hogan, Oswald, Trevino, and Wilde Become Professional Engineers

Congratulations to Katie Hogan, Justin Oswald, Jill Trevino, and Chris Wilde, who are now Professional Engineers. Hogan, Oswald, and Trevino passed the eight-hour exam administered in October by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, and Wilde passed the exam in April.

Katie Hogan is a Stormwater Engineer in the Dallas office. Katie’s experience includes capital improvement plans for various cities, 2D modeling using XP-SWMM, and advanced hydraulic modeling using unsteady HEC-RAS.

Justin Oswald is a Stormwater Engineer in the Fort Worth office. Justin is experienced in the design of channels and large storm drain systems.  He is also focused on dynamic 2D modeling of both urban and riverine systems in the InfoWorks software suite.

Jill Trevino is a Stormwater Engineer in the Austin office. Jill’s experience includes 2D modeling using InfoWorks SD and XP-SWMM, storm drain design, extended detention analyses, and developing emergency action plans.

Chris Wilde is a Stormwater Engineer in the Austin office. Chris is experienced in breach analyses, floodplain modeling and studies, stormwater master plans, and dam modernization projects.

Freese and Nichols now has 191 employees licensed as Professional Engineers in Texas. 

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