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LID Design Competition Update: Freese and Nichols Team Wins Green Roadway Challenge

This post is an update regarding the June 12 post North Texas Low Impact Development Design Competition Kicked Off May 23rd.

On Nov. 7 of this week, the North Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forum named Freese and Nichols the winner of the Green Roadway Challenge in the Low Impact Development Design Competition​! Our design team's submittal, a retrofit of South Lamar Street in Dallas, received this honor from a panel of judges that included officials from the Cities of Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington; the Army Corps of Engineers' Fort Worth District; and local development companies and architecture firms. In addition, many of our North Texas clients were in the audience for the presentation.

Our team was up against two other finalist teams, both with impressive, forward-thinking designs. All other teams in the competition were composed of multiple firms from across the country; Freese and Nichols was the only team that was local and used only in-house talent.

"Winning the award against such worthy competition emphasizes the quality design and powerful presentation given by the Freese and Nichols team last night," team leader Lane Wheetley says. "Each team member deserves recognition for their contribution to our achievement."

Contributing team members include: Lane Wheetley, Ben McWhorter, Chris Poteet, Amelia Potee, Matt Milano, Todd Buckingham, Claudio Branch and Sabrina Joplin.

View an excerpt from their entry here.

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