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New FEMA Elevation Certificate and Floodproofing Form

Update: FEMA announced that a fillable version of the 2015 Elevation Certificate (FEMA Form 086-0-33) is now available on the FEMA website at

The PDF form can be filled and saved using Adobe Reader. For insurance purposes, FEMA will continue to accept properly completed and certified elevation information, submitted on a different format than the FEMA EC, through Dec. 31, 2016. After that date, all elevation information must be submitted using the FEMA EC. Note that in the future, no further transition periods will be provided when a new FEMA EC is approved. 

If you have any questions concerning the form, please contact the NFIP Bureau and Statistical Agent's Underwriting Department at

Previous update: The new forms are now available on FEMA’s website, however, they have stated: “This document is referenced in the NFIP Flood Insurance Manual (Special Certifications Section). It is not currently fillable, so it must be printed and completed, then submitted. A fillable form is being created and will be posted as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Original post: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) distributed the following message regarding elevation certificate and floodproofing forms:

The new FEMA Elevation Certificate and Floodproofing Forms were approved by the Office of Management and Budget. Both forms have expiration dates of 11/30/2018. You will notice many formatting changes as well as a new building diagram on the Elevation Certificate depicting walkout basements. They have not yet been posted to the FEMA Library but you can download both forms at:

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Will a word document of the NEW elevation certificate be made available that can be saved? So that when minor corrections need to be made that we do not have to recreate the document from scratch.

Hi Kevin - Once FEMA officially uploads the documents to their library, they may include a Word document. The current .pdf files also allow for editing if your version of Adobe has editing capabilities. FEMA will likely still accept the old forms until the new ones are officially uploaded to their library.

The Online LOMC or eLOMA processes are also available to submit FEMA requests. This link provides more information on that process:

I have been unable to insert images or photos in the linked document Elevation Certificate PDF with Adobe's PDF reader or PDF exchange, presumably due to dynamic XFA. The form requires photos! This form should not be formatted so you can only use in ADOBE Acrobat! A work document is a must or fix the document so pictures or images can be placed into it easily.

Hi Mark - we don't know if/when FEMA will fix the documents, but we assume they will likely still accept old forms, as they are still posted on the NFIP website - They also have the option to submit forms online:

The new form is a big problem.
The new fillable form is 15 pages and includes all the instructions.
The document is saved as XML file not a regular PDF, it is locked and it is almost 15 MB in size when you download it. This is without any additions.
This means I cannot:
• e-mail it to anyone. The file size limit to attach to our e-mails is 5MB
• save it as a plain PDF file format.
• remove the unnecessary pages for directions and keep only the fillable form.
• extract, delete or remove pages.
• copy only the pages related to the actual form to another file.
. Add any pages like pictures

What I had to do was to print the form and rescan it.
The rescanned form is in PDF format and is only 156KB in size which I can easily e-mail to surveyors but it is not fillable.

Thanks for the tips. We have had other comments regarding difficulties in using this form. Hopefully FEMA will update them before posting to their website. In the meantime, we recommend using the old forms that are still available for download or uploading using their online service.

You can print the form, then scan what pages you need, then use any pdf to fill it, hope this helps.

Thank you for the tip, Sandra!

Will Fema be changing the form to allow for the square footage of flood venting instead of the square inches of opening, this seems to be a requirement of some of the towns. Smart Vent is telling the towns that the square footage of flood venting is to be placed in A8.C, this contradicts the instruction sheet. Please address this issue.

Hi Tracy - Thank you for your question. As we are not FEMA, we cannot address this issue other than to follow the forms as the instructions show. Once the form is submitted, you will be assigned a reviewer who may be able to answer that question.

I see the new certificate is on the web site but only in PDF format. When will the word doc be available?

Hi Andrew,
All we know is what FEMA stated - that they're working on creating a fillable form and they will post it as soon as possible. Thank you.