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Spread the Word About the Future of Our Water

An op-ed in today's Fort Worth Star-Telegram, written by concerned individuals and organizations from across Texas, sends a clear message to our legislators:

“The 83rd Legislature has a real shot at helping protect us from drought by making a one-time investment in our State Water Plan. But less than six weeks remain in the legislative session, and consensus has not emerged. Without consensus, the future of our state’s water supply – arguably the most important issue facing our 83rd Texas Legislature – is in jeopardy.”

Noting that the Legislature has a historic opportunity to create and fund a water infrastructure loan program, the op-ed encourages legislators to:

  • Pass House Bill 4

  • Fund the loan program laid out in House Bill 4 (the bill is nothing without funding)

  • Ensure that that the funding mechanism created by the Legislature is aligned with the financing tools laid out in House Bill 4

Read the full op-ed here: Texas Legislature should invest in water infrastructure

How You Can Help

Everyone is encouraged to use email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets to share this op-ed with 10 Texans who share our commitment to providing water for generations of Texans. Doing so will increase public awareness about the historic opportunity facing the Texas Legislature — and the dangers of letting the clock run out without investing in this water infrastructure loan program.

Freese and Nichols is a sponsor of the H2O4Texas Coalition and is co-chair of its Research Committee. H2O4Texas was created to increase public awareness of the critical water shortfalls facing our state and mobilize support for full implementation of the State Water Plan.


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