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Upcoming Funding Opportunity

The Texas Water Development Board is expected to have funds available in the Water Infrastructure Fund (WIF) left from the previous year’s appropriations to implement State Water Plan projects. The deadline to submit applications for this funding is August 1, 2012.  Please note that after this funding is spent, no additional funding will be available for this loan without legislative authorization. Although the voters approved a $6-billion debt offering, these funds will not have incentives, discounts or deferrals until the legislature provides a revenue stream for the debt service on those bonds.

Freese and Nichols is following the money trail.  We will provide additional information to you as it becomes available.  Freese and Nichols supports the Texas Water Development Board’s mission to implement projects in the State Water Plan.

Also, the upcoming TCEQ Drought workshop will feature valuable updates on current financial assistance opportunities.

For more details on funding support, contact Funding Specialist Stephanie Griffin at

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