Brady Project Has Historic Ties

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Erin Flanagan

Water/Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Engineer

The City of Brady selected our team to design a new wastewater treatment plant, unaware at the time that Freese and Nichols has historic ties to the plant. Project Manager Trooper Smith and Assistant Project Manager Coby Gee received the city’s original drawings and noticed that young engineer Bob Nichols with Freese, Nichols and Endress signed and sealed the original sewage treatment plans in 1963.

The City of Brady, located between San Angelo and Killeen, has experienced sustained annual growth. The plant was installed in the 1960s and many components and facilities have reached the end of their life cycle. The plant was upgraded once in the 1980s, but has not had serious rehabilitation work completed since. Serious corrosion to critical plant infrastructure has required that this work must be finished on a fast-tracked schedule. The original project files were located in Freese and Nichols’ archives and the original geotechnical report is being utilized to supplement geotechnical borings during the preliminary design phase.

Our team is working to identify improvements based on the age of the existing 1.1 MGD plant, which is located within the floodplain and inaccessible during heavy rain. With both the existing plant and portions of the new plant site in the floodplain, structure siting and stormwater management will be important considerations.

The project includes a Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) loan from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and the preliminary design phase is expected to be complete by the fall, with final design starting before the end of the year. Construction is expected to be complete in 2017.

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Erin Flanagan, PE, BCEE, is a Water/Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Engineer in Dallas.