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Last year we celebrated our 120th anniversary. This milestone also marked the 10th year of our Community Involvement program. The volunteer hour goal was capped at 100 hours in 2014, allowing employees to reach for a more achievable goal as our company history continues.

Here some 2014 service highlights:

  • 87 employees logged volunteer hours.
  • 40 employees met the 100-hour goal, almost
  • ...

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Community Involvement Spotlight is a series on Freese and Nichols' dedication to community service, highlighting employees who donate time and money to organizations they're passionate about.

Engineers Emily Darr and Corrie Bondar regularly participate with the Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program in Raleigh, North Carolina. Along with Raleigh office administrative assistant Liz Byrley, the volunteers run a series of tests to provide the City of Raleigh with water quality data, including a...

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We are celebrating 120 years of Corporate Responsibility this year. At Freese and Nichols, Corporate Responsibility encompasses wellness, community service, sustainability and professional development. Our founders and our senior leadership have led the way and set the example by supporting their communities and encouraging Freese and Nichols employees to do their part.

“From my early days at Freese and Nichols it’s always been kind of a level of expectation that you’re giving back to the communities,” CFO Cindy Milrany says. “There’s really no question that that isn’t a part of who...

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