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As dam owners across the country have learned in dramatic fashion, disasters usually happen quickly though the conditions that cause them typically build up over time.

Whether your emergency results from a hurricane, a spillway collapse or vandalism, you as a dam owner/manager can be ready with a well-developed, up-to-date and practiced Emergency Action Plan.

Our guidance for knowing what to consider, how to prepare and how to respond recently was featured...

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Today, Freese and Nichols joins the dam safety industry today to raise awareness about National Dam Safety Awareness Day.

National Dam Safety Awareness Day commemorates the 1889 failure of South Fork Dam near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, that claimed more than 2,200 lives and led to the public awareness of the importance of dam safety.

The Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) calls May 31 a day for “remembering...

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Looking at an industry-accepted practice, a Freese and Nichols study examined the use of small slotted drainage pipes in dams.

The Association of State Dam Safety Officials recently featured the findings of Marc Miller, PE, left, and Grady Hillhouse, PE, right, in the Journal of Dam Safety.

The Issue

Internal drains are commonly used to relieve pore pressure and control seepage in dams. These drain systems often include slotted...

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Freese and Nichols joins several national organizations today to commemorate National Dam Safety Awareness Day.

There are more than 90,000 dams across the United States, many of which are vital to the nation’s infrastructure by providing drinking water, holding back flood waters, storing water to irrigate crops, providing recreation opportunities, and controlling rivers for navigable transportation. In addition, dams provide nearly half of the nation's clean, renewable electricity through hydropower generation.

Yet dams...

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Senior Water Resources Engineer George Kelley is featured in the fall 2017 issue of The Georgia Operator , writing about tips for Georgia dam owners.

He expands on his five takeaways that include having regular inspections and developing an operations and maintenance plan.

George is a nationally recognized expert in risk management and has more than 40 years of experience in large dams, water resources and transportation projects. He has...

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In light of recent flooding incidents at dams across the country, dam safety is now on the minds of many Americans. Many dam owners are receiving questions from constituents wondering about their nearby dams.

If your organization owns a dam, here are three questions you should be ready to answer:

  • Is our dam safe?
  • If a flood happened here, would our dam withstand it?
  • What would we do if our dam...
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    ​ Grady Hillhouse, Water Resources, Austin has once again shown children (and adults) the fun side of science and engineering with an interactive model of dams and reservoirs. He shared a video documenting his process for building the model on his YouTube channel , and it has received more than 19,000 views and almost 50 comments.

    In 2013 he demonstrated a bottle rocket launch for students at his...

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    Today, the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) announced they are seeking applications for the Flood Control Structural Repair Grant Program, which will provide funds for structural repair projects on certain flood control dams as defined in the Texas Administrative Code .

    Applications for Fiscal Year 2014 grant funds are due no later than 8:00 a.m. on Jan. 13, 2014 . For more information on program rules, allowable project types...

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