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A new report details strategies and initiatives Australia adopted to survive its millennium drought and prevent its cities from running out of water, and researchers say these findings may be the key to dealing with our own drought in the states.

“California has made significant progress in advancing water conservation and efficiency to cope with the drought, but this report shows that more can be done,” said Heather Cooley, Director of the Water Program at the Pacific Institute.

Water conservation, planning and management backed by strong community involvement and...

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Our Q&A on El Niño, La Niña and their effects on weather patterns and drought in the United States continues with Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, a Professor of Meteorology at Texas A&M University, and the Texas State Climatologist. Read Part I

FNI Water: How do forecasters predict El Niño and La Niña?

Dr. Nielsen-Gammon...

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Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon answered our questions about El Niño, La Niña and their effects on weather patterns and drought in the United States.

Dr. Nielsen-Gammon is a Professor of Meteorology at Texas A&M University, and the Texas State Climatologist, and has participated in Climate Change and Drought Seminars hosted by the...

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TagsEl Niño, La Nina, ENSO, drought, Climate Change,

Freese and Nichols University hosted a Drought and Climate Change Seminar at the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) office on Monday, May 11, repeating the success of last year's Dallas course.

Water Resource Planning Group Manager Tom Gooch, atmospheric scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe and Texas State Climatologist Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon presented again and many of our clients attended, including SAWS, Austin Water Utility, Guadalupe Blanco...

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On the heels of one of the worst droughts the southwest has experienced in decades, recent record setting rains have led many municipalities to answer, yes, we now have sufficient supplies to meet customer demands during the summer. Although the short-term water supply outlook is positive, many municipalities recognize the need for a new standard for water efficiency, which takes long-term population growth, increased climate variability and increasing future supply costs into account. As entities begin to implement their day-to-day water conservation plans, here are some water efficiency...

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When the second worst Texas drought on record was followed by the wettest month in Texas history, the City of Stamford's California Creek dam, pump station and pipeline performed as planned. Freese and Nichols helped the City design, permit and inspect the dam to divert water from California Creek to Lake Stamford, supplementing the lake’s primary inflow from Paint Creek. 

Project Manager Brian Coltharp led the design team. Project Manager Tom Gooch led environmental permitting for the diversion and our environmental scientists and engineers worked with the Historical Commission and...

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“Call Endress regarding status of Fort Worth Lakes handling of floods” would seem like an appropriate statement for May 26, 2015. However, this was written by early partner and firm namesake Simon Freese in a May 26, 1957 diary entry during another wet May that ended the multi-year 1950’s drought.

In fact, in May 1957, 12.64 inches of rainfall were...

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Recent April rainfall in many parts of Texas and Oklahoma has resulted in inflows to lakes and reservoirs, in some cases causing them to spill over. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport recorded 5.56 inches of rainfall in April and has recorded 14.67 inches year to date, compared to normal rainfall of 11.35 inches. With additional rainfall in the forecast for many parts of Texas and Oklahoma, additional inflow may continue to improve lake levels through May before the summer months. Most of the reservoirs east of the I-35 corridor are nearly full, while those in the western portions of...

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