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This week, Freese and Nichols hosted a series of workshops across Texas to help clients prepare for the May 1, 2019, deadline for Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plans.

Spandana Tummuri, Ph.D., P.E.; Jeremy Rice, LEED Green Associate; and Jason Afinowicz, P.E., presented at the...

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H20 Counts  is a Freese and Nichols initiative to identify, monitor and disseminate information related to water conservation efforts within Texas and other states.

As Water Resource Planners, we are continuously looking for ways to conserve water before investing in expensive water supply projects. We do this through data analysis, informing data driven decisions and data tracking before and after program...

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TagsH20 Counts, Water conservation, Drought Contingency Plans, Drought Contingency,

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Texas Water Development Board are requiring revised Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plans to be submitted no later than May 1, 2014, less than five months from today. Entities that do not submit a plan will not be eligible to receive financial assistance through the Texas Water Development Board.

Well-crafted plans function as a playbook for water management teams as they encounter supply challenges and uncertainties. Freese and Nichols will equip you with the tools you need to develop your own plans...

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