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The Texas Water Infrastructure Coordination Committee (TWICC) is holding a drought workshop on Thursday, August 1 at the Abilene Civic Center in Abilene, Texas. The purpose of the workshop is “to provide information about funding and other assistance for public water systems and other entities.” There is no registration fee for this workshop, but space is limited, so sign up today. The deadline for registration is Tuesday, July 30. View the workshop PDF for instructions on how to register and for more...

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An op-ed in today's Fort Worth Star-Telegram, written by concerned individuals and organizations from across Texas, sends a clear message to our legislators:

“The 83rd Legislature has a real shot at helping protect us from drought by making a one-time investment in our State Water Plan. But less than six weeks remain in the legislative session, and consensus has not emerged. Without consensus, the future of our state’s water supply –


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In Texas, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) administers surface water rights by priority doctrine (first in time, first in right). When a senior water right holder is not getting the water to which it is entitled, it can make a senior water right call and request TCEQ enforcement of the priority doctrine. The drought of 2011 and ongoing drought conditions have challenged the priority doctrine.

In 2011, TCEQ received 15 senior water right calls resulting in the suspension of approximately 1,200 water right permits. Senior water right calls were made in the Brazos,...

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The Texas Water Resources Institute interviewed Heather Harward, executive director of H2O4TEXAS, to learn more about the coalition.

Click here to view the interview.

Freese and Nichols is a sponsor of the ​H2O4TEXAS Coalition, which was created to increase public awareness of the critical water shortfalls facing our state and mobilize support for full implementation of the State Water Plan.

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What should you consider?

  • Water contract and right restrictions
  • Drought contingency plan requirements
  • Supplier, customer and regulatory agency coordination
  • Coordination with governing bodies
  • Connected supply and demand comparison
  • Reactions of others and impact on water supply
  • Low lake levels and intake elevations
  • Transmission system restrictions
  • Increased losses in bed and banks delivery
  • Impacts on water demand
  • Impacts on water quality
  • Available drought
  • ...

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Texas’ 2011 drought was the most severe one-year Texas drought on record; however, the drought of the 1950s is still considered to be the “drought of record” for much of the state because of its intensity and duration. The links below will direct you to historical drought information dating from 1895 to 2011. Most of the referenced information is more recent drought and climatic data. 

Recommended Sites

Texas Water Development Board: Texas Drought in Motion, Maps Over the Last 12 Months...

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