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Drought conditions overall have not changed significantly for the country compared to the previous week. The DSCI (drought severity and coverage index) remains at 90. Three distinct tropical systems brought relief to areas previously under drought conditions; Hurricane Florence brought record rainfall to the Carolinas, a low-pressure system in the western Gulf of Mexico brought rain to parts of Texas and Louisiana, and Tropical Storm Olivia brought more rain to Hawaii. Unfortunately, other areas experiencing severe to exceptional drought...

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Photo courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Zebra mussels are back in the news, and as they spread farther into North Texas, Freese and Nichols is helping to address the threat posed by the invasive species.

(Star-Telegram article: Officials bracing for spread of zebra mussels​)

So far, the major impact of zebra mussels on our clients has been that North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) has lost access to water supply from Lake Texoma because of...

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Tagsstreamflow, reservoir levels, Historical Data, Groundwater, Drought Restrictions, Drought Response, Drought Monitor, Drought Maps, Drought Index, Current Drought Conditions,