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Sustainable Design Principles
Specifically related to stormwater, a sustainable project can be defined as a project that provides a balanced benefit to the community and the environment while being economically feasible in the present and future. A sustainable stormwater management project strives to provide recreational opportunity, habitat creation/preservation, flood control, water quality improvement, and long term maintenance plans with adequate funding and staffing...

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Data Model
The Arc Hydro data model was developed to transition hydrologic modeling from an inventory-based data model to a behavioral model, established on the relationship between various hydrologic data sets. Arc Hydro has been adopted as the water resources industry standard geodatabase structure or “schema” and is comprised of five major data types: drainage features, geometric flow network, hydrography, channel description and time series. The relationships between the layers are determined by tracing the flow path of water through any given region. One benefit...

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