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Many people, landscape architects and personal gardeners alike, struggle to find flowers that don’t require excessive watering in the summertime. If you find yourself searching for low-water-requiring annual plants, remember the five Ps (pictured above; from left to right, top to bottom):

  • Portulaca
  • Purslane
  • Petunia ('VIP' and ‘Laura Bush’ only)
  • Perennial Phlox (‘John Fanick’ or ‘Victoria’)
  • Periwinkle
  • These sun-loving annual plants tolerate the summer heat and don’t require as...

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    What should you consider?

    • Water contract and right restrictions
    • Drought contingency plan requirements
    • Supplier, customer and regulatory agency coordination
    • Coordination with governing bodies
    • Connected supply and demand comparison
    • Reactions of others and impact on water supply
    • Low lake levels and intake elevations
    • Transmission system restrictions
    • Increased losses in bed and banks delivery
    • Impacts on water demand
    • Impacts on water quality
    • ...

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    Lack of Preparation Contributes to Effects When municipalities are unprepared, large storm events often overwhelm them with the need to clean up debris, conduct inspections, perform repairs, respond to questions, and verify substantial damage determination regulation requirements are met. Nothing can immunize a community from flooding, but implementing key practices before, during and after large storm events can minimize effects on your community and help prevent severe damage and repeat flooding. (Brief checklists...

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    Managing Urban Streams Managing urban streams involves reducing floods and erosion and improving water quality. Flood and erosion control dominate most urban stream improvement projects, but often there are opportunities to simultaneously incorporate natural channel design features and improve water quality, urban habitat and aesthetics. The urban stream environment often prevents the design of a truly “natural” solution, but proper assessment of stream restoration activities can help reduce erosion and provide opportunities to...

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    The demand for fresh foods to support healthy communities is increasing across the country. Nationwide, the number of farmers markets increased 17 percent from 2010 to 2011, with the second largest rate of growth occurring in Texas at 38 percent.

    Farmers markets support the local agricultural economy, encourage social interaction and provide more environmentally friendly produce with reduced transportation and packaging needs. These markets can also supplement local health initiatives, particularly in lower income...

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