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Today, Freese and Nichols joins the dam safety industry today to raise awareness about National Dam Safety Awareness Day.

National Dam Safety Awareness Day commemorates the 1889 failure of South Fork Dam near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, that claimed more than 2,200 lives and led to the public awareness of the importance of dam safety.

The Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) calls May 31 a day for “remembering...

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Freese and Nichols joins several national organizations today to commemorate National Dam Safety Awareness Day.

There are more than 90,000 dams across the United States, many of which are vital to the nation’s infrastructure by providing drinking water, holding back flood waters, storing water to irrigate crops, providing recreation opportunities, and controlling rivers for navigable transportation. In addition, dams provide nearly half of the nation's clean, renewable electricity through hydropower generation.

Yet dams...

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Senior Water Resources Engineer George Kelley is featured in the fall 2017 issue of The Georgia Operator , writing about tips for Georgia dam owners.

He expands on his five takeaways that include having regular inspections and developing an operations and maintenance plan.

George is a nationally recognized expert in risk management and has more than 40 years of experience in large dams, water resources and transportation projects. He has...

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USSD Vice President Dean Durkee; Doug Witkowski, LCRA; Les Boyd and Layne Bukhair, both Water Resources Design, Austin.

The United States Society on Dams presented the 2017 Award for Excellence in the Constructed Project to the Buchanan Dam Emergency Gate Dewatering System at the Society's annual meeting in Anaheim, California, earlier this month. The national award was...

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As the current President of the United States Society on Dams ​, Central Division Manager John Wolfhope​ served as the U.S. voting representative at the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) 25th Congress in Stavanger, Norway.

He led nearly 50 delegates representing the United States at this event. International delegates came from almost 100 countries representing more than 99 percent of dams and water storage infrastructures of the world.

Chief Operating...

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