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In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s inundation of Houston in August 2017, Freese and Nichols quickly put boots on the ground to help the Harris County Flood Control District assess the extent of flood damage to the 2,500 miles of channels across the county and estimate the costs of repairs.

However, this was only the beginning of the post-storm recovery efforts that continue more than a year later. An...

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Freese and Nichols welcomes Robert Vinay, P.E., to our team as a Water/Wastewater Senior Project Manager in our Raleigh, North Carolina office. Robert is a hands-on Project Manager with 35 years of experience working on large, complex water/wastewater projects throughout North Carolina, complementing our growing team in the region.

Robert, a North Carolina native, offers significant experience and expertise in the planning, detailed design, and construction of water/wastewater treatment, utilities and pump station...

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