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In Texas, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) administers surface water rights by priority doctrine (first in time, first in right). When a senior water right holder is not getting the water to which it is entitled, it can make a senior water right call and request TCEQ enforcement of the priority doctrine. The drought of 2011 and ongoing drought conditions have challenged the priority doctrine.

In 2011, TCEQ received 15 senior water...

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Over the last year, Freese and Nichols has hosted half-day and one-hour seminars to discuss Texas' drought with recommendations on how clients can respond. Questions included: How does the Texas drought affect our clients? How does the 2011 drought compare to previous droughts? How long will the drought last? What can our clients do in response to the drought? Click here to view the February 2012 presentation for the one-hour Freese and Nichols drought seminar....

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By Guest Author – Brad B. Castleberry, Principal; Lloyd Gosselink Attorneys and Counselors

In addition to drought contingency plans, some owners should consider the stability of their water supplies, especially if the source is surface water. Surface water rights in Texas are governed by the prior appropriation doctrine, which means "first in time, first in right." Drought conditions in 2011 resulted in priority calls in several Texas river basins.

TCEQ held a...

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What should you consider? Water contract and right restrictions Drought contingency plan requirements Supplier, customer and regulatory agency coordination Coordination with governing bodies Connected supply and demand comparison Reactions of others and impact on water supply Low lake levels and intake elevations Transmission system restrictions Increased losses in bed and banks delivery Impacts on water demand Impacts on water quality Available drought response measures Pro-rata reduction procedures and equity Financial impacts including income an expenditures...

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