Clean Water Management Trust Fund Application Period Open

Jennifer Wasinger

The application cycle for North Carolina’s Clean Water Management Trust Fund is now open and applications are due February 1, 2016. The CWMTF provides grant funds for projects with the primary purpose of conservation, preservation and restoration of the state’s environmental and natural resources. Categories of applications include:

  • Land Acquisition for Protection of Riparian Buffers, Greenways, Natural Heritage, Historical and Cultural Sites, and Military Buffers
  • Restoration Projects
  • Innovative Stormwater Projects
  • Planning

Applications are reviewed and scored according to a scoring criteria, which is currently under revision. The criteria will be posted on the CWMTF website as soon as it is available.

According to its 2012 summary, the CWMTF has funded water quality projects leveraging more than $1 billion in private, local and federal funds. View a map of CWMTF funded projects

Contact to discuss funding your projects or for more information about the CWMTF.