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Bee Cave Parkway Opens

A ribbon-cutting ceremony on Nov. 20 marked completion of Bee Cave Parkway and the culmination of more than a decade of work for Freese and Nichols.

About Bee Cave Parkway

Bee Cave Parkway is a new four-lane thoroughfare in Bee Cave, west of Austin, that relieves congestion on two highways and provides access to a park, a music venue and future residential developments. The project began in 2001 with preliminary alignments and continued with the final design and construction phases.

Innovative Approaches

  • The road was built in phases as construction money became available. Because of economic conditions, the third phase could not be built all at once, so it was split into two subphases to expedite development.
  • The project team designed a two-span arch crossing over Freitag Creek. One span conveys frequent flood flows and, by using an arch instead of a box culvert, preserves the natural creek bottom. The other span is a hike-and-bike path that also conveys runoff during larger storm events.
  • A realignment of 400 feet of the creek preserved the area's natural features. The team designed a multi-staged channel that mimics the creek’s natural flow and uses native vegetation and live fascine bundles.
  • A retention/irrigation pond was designed to serve as both a water quality facility and park amenity.
  • The team worked with local developers to develop regional detention/water quality structures instead of many individual ones, increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

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Thank you for the update on this great project!

Rafael Arias Jr., PE, CFM

What a great looking road! Great job and great pictures!!