Employees Host LID Information Session and Workshop

Evan Burn

Co-authored by Boris Minot.

Freese and Nichols (FNI), partnered with Hayden Consultants (HCI), held a two-hour presentation at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 6 Conference in Oklahoma City on the development of Low Impact Development (LID) standard details for the City of Dallas. The first hour of the presentation was dedicated to familiarizing the audience with the concept of low impact development and presented the LID standard details developed for the City. Further information concerning these details can be found in the previous article Making LID Practical with Standard Details from March 16.

During the second half of the presentation, FNI and HCI hosted a workshop that engaged the audience in implementing various LID facilities as an alternative to conventional drainage designs. The audience was broken into small groups and provided with a printout showing a project site, and given 10 minutes to retrofit the site using LID facilities.

Parking lot case study – Pre LID retrofit

Additionally, the following placement diagram was projected on the screen to guide the audience as to what facilities to implement.

LID placement diagram

Once each group came up with a LID retrofit alternative for the project site, a spokesperson for each group presented the design the group had created. Once all the LID alternatives had been shared, FNI and HCI summarized the various designs put forth by the audience and presented a viable retrofit for each project site.

Parking lot case study – Post LID retrofit

Following the parking lot exercise, the audience was provided with a second case study based on a roadway project. This allowed the audience to work on another type of possible LID retrofit and broaden their understanding of LID applications.

Roadway with retail – Pre LID retrofit

Roadway with retail – Post LID retrofit