EPA Releases Flood Resilience Checklist

Rolando Ayala

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently developed a tool to assist communities in preparing, dealing with and recovering from floods. The Flood Resilience Checklist was developed as part of the EPA’s Smart Growth Implementation Assistance project in the state of Vermont. The results of the report are designed to assist communities in developing a more comprehensive approach to mitigating the effects of flooding. 

The Flood Resilience Checklist provides communities with strategies and smart growth principles to improve flood resilience. These strategies include protecting vulnerable undeveloped lands, directing development to safer areas, and incorporating design that make new developments less likely to be damaged in a flood. The checklist can be used by local government departments to help facilitate planning discussions related to flood resilience and identify opportunities to enhance their resilience through policies, regulations, comprehensive plans, Hazard Mitigation Plans, land use codes, regulations, and other related regulatory programs.

The checklist is available online at https://www.epa.gov/smartgrowth/flood-resilience-checklist and can help a community assess how well they are positioned to avoid and/or reduce flood damage and to recover from floods.

To discuss how your own community can improve its flood resilience, contact Rolando Ayala, CFM, at Rolando.Ayala@freese.com.