EPA’s Revised Total Coliform Rule

Scott Cole

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has published the revised rule for regulating total coliform in drinking water. With this approval, state departments of environmental quality have authority to regulate this contaminant in state and public water systems. All public water systems must comply with the revised rule starting April 1, 2016. Key provisions of the revised rule include:

  • Setting a maximum contaminant level and goal for E. coli
  • Setting a total coliform treatment technique requirement
  • Requirements for monitoring total coliforms and E. coli according to a sample siting plan and schedule
  • Requirements for assessments and corrective action when monitoring results show systems may be vulnerable to contamination
  • Public notification requirements for violations
  • And more

Freese and Nichols has assisted systems of all sizes in addressing distribution water quality concerns. Contact water@freese.com for more information, or visit the EPA website to learn more about drinking water standards and the total coliform rule.