Five Presentations at TFMA Fall Summit

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Ashley Poe

Water Resources Engineer

Freese and Nichols is proud to attend and sponsor the 2016 Texas Floodplain Management Association Fall Summit in Austin! If you’re attending, we hope you can catch our presentations:

Thursday, Sept. 8

2:00 p.m. | Track A – Floodplain Management
A1 – Building a Stormwater CIP at Fort Hood
Lynn Schaub, CPESC, DPW Engineering, Fort Hood, TX; Thomas Caffarel, P.E., CFM; Freese and Nichols; Katie Hogan, P.E., CFM; Freese and Nichols; Evan Burn, EIT, CFM; Freese and Nichols

2:00 p.m. | Track F – Floodplain Administrators’ Discussions
F1 – Outreach and Communication Best Practices at the Federal, State and Local Level: What Works and What to Avoid
Jerri Daniels, CFM, Dewberry; Kelly Dillard, P.E., CFM, Freese and Nichols

2:30 p.m. | Track C – More Hydrology & Hydraulics
C2 – Planning for the Future: Near Southside Regional Drainage Study
Scott Hubley, P.E., CFM, Freese and Nichols; Mark Pauls, EIT, Freese and Nichols

4:30 p.m. | Track E – Stream Restoration, Modeling and Ethics
E5 – Professional Ethics for Engineers
Gordon Wells, P.E., Freese and Nichols; Stephanie Buckingham, Freese and Nichols

4:45 p.m. | Track A – Floodplain Management
A6 – Water Right Considerations for Stormwater Projects
Brad Castleberry, JD, Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle and Townsend; Jeremy Rice, Hydrologist, Freese and Nichols; Nicole Rutigliano, P.E., CFM, Freese and Nichols

View all presentation abstracts on TFMA’s website

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Ashley Poe, PE, CFM, is a Water Resources Engineer in Houston.