FNI Shows Spillway Model to Weatherford City Council

Nicole Rutigliano

FNI is currently designing an auxiliary spillway for Holland Lake Dam in Weatherford. A physical model of the proposed spillway was constructed and presented to City Council on March 28 to demonstrate what the completed construction will look like. Following the City Council meeting, the physical model was featured in the local news.

The spillway was designed to pass the 25 percent Probable Maximum Flood, while also providing an attractive focal point for parkgoers. Aesthetically pleasing, the spillway is designed to withstand the large forces and high velocities typical of a spillway through the use of a soil nail earth reinforcement and cast-in-place (CIP) reinforced concrete.  The outermost layer of reinforced concrete will be sculpted and colored to mimic the appearance of natural stone.

A steady flow of water from the lake will be supplied to the spillway via small notches in the crest just below the normal water level, which will further add to the appearance of the spillway as a naturally occurring creek.