Global Leaders Launch Public-Private Strategy to Build a Sustainable Water Future

Jennifer Wasinger

Earlier this month, leaders from across the globe agreed to a public-private water innovation strategy that addresses the “supply of our nation’s water resources and calls on private sector and other stakeholder groups to help significantly scale up research and investment in water efficiency solutions.” The two-part approach aims to 1) Boost water sustainability and long-term water security by increasing use of water-efficient and -reuse technologies 2) Promote and invest in breakthrough research and development that will reduce the price, energy costs, and emissions requirements of new water supply technology to achieve “pipe parity” in the next decade, meaning costs equal to those from current processes for delivering fresh water.

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While recent rains may temporarily appease dry conditions, drought will continue to be an ongoing issue and threat to our water supplies. Freese and Nichols has helped many clients take progressive steps in their water resource management practices and we are encouraged to see global communities taking their own steps toward water-efficient solutions through this agreement. Exploring water conservation approaches, including drought contingency, reclamation and reuse, is essential to securing the future of our water.

Freese and Nichols is a national leader in water reuse, having provided permitting, design, construction and startup services for the Colorado River Municipal Water District’s Raw Water Production Facility – the first facility in North America to blend reclaimed water directly in a raw water transmission pipeline. We assist many clients in assessing appropriate reuse strategies for their particular circumstances and, where appropriate, implement leading-edge solutions to provide a secure water supply.

We can help you evaluate and develop reuse and other appropriate water supply sources that meet your quality, reliability and cost criteria. We provide customized solutions and high-quality deliverables from crafting appropriate combinations of strategies, whether involving potable or non-potable reuse, lake augmentation or conventional groundwater or surface water; to securing water rights and environmental permits; to assistance in obtaining state/federal financing; to providing construction services to verify the final product is consistent with the agreed upon design.

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