H2O Counts: Current Legislative Session – Bills Concerning Water Conservation

Spandana Tummuri

H2O Counts is an Freese and Nichols initiative to identify, monitor, and disseminate information related to water conservation efforts within Texas and other states. As Water Resource Planners, we are continuously looking for ways to conserve water before investing in expensive water supply projects. The H2O Counts blog posts will include information that is relevant to ongoing and/or future water conservation efforts.

As you may be aware, the Texas legislative session is currently underway. The House bills are expected to pass House by May 12, 2017 and the Senate bills are expected to pass the House Committees by May 20, 2017. Both House and Senate are expected to pass the Senate and House bills respectively by May 24, 2017. 

We are tracking the bills concerning the water conservation efforts in the state and the information is provided below:

HB 965 (Springer) – Relating to the authority of a retail public water utility to require an operator of a correctional facility to comply with water conservation measures.

Status: Hearing held and left pending in committee

HB 1334 (Isaac) – Relating to a local option exemption from ad valorem taxation of the portion of the appraised value of a person’s property that is attributable to the installation on the property of a rainwater harvesting system.

Status: Referred to Ways and Means

HB 2970 (Larson) – Relating to a Texas water resources program component of the science curriculum used in public schools in certain grade levels (8th grade). 

Status: Referred to Public Education

HB 3717 (Tracy King) – Require lawn rebate programs to be registered with Texas Department of Agriculture, rebates can be issued for irrigation systems and moisture controllers.

Status: Filed

HB 1573 (Price) – TWDB certification and personnel requirements for water loss auditors

Status: Referred to Natural Resources

HB 1648 (Price)/SB 1451 (Seliger) – Relating to the designation of a water conservation coordinator by a retail public water utility over 3,300 connections to implement a water conservation plan

Satus: Referred to Natural Resources

HB 2240 (Lucio III) – Relating to a requirement that certain recipients of financial assistance from the Texas Water Development Board adopt time-of-day limitations on water use by their customers.

Status: Referred to Natural Resources