H2O Counts: FNI Presents Findings to San Antonio City Council Committee

Jeremy Rice

H2O Counts is an initiative here at FNI to identify, monitor, and disseminate information related to water conservation efforts across the United States. Our Water Resource Planners are continuously looking for ways to conserve water before investing in expensive water supply projects. The H2O Counts article series will include information that is relevant to ongoing and/or future water conservation efforts.

Freese and Nichols recently evaluated the potential impact of year-round once per week watering restrictions on the San Antonio Water System.

Because each community has unique water demand patterns, conservation measures that work for one community may not work for another.

Thus, the evaluation of specific measures for an individual community is an important part of developing an effective conservation program for your City or utility.

Results were presented to the San Antonio City Council Transportation, Technology and Utilities Committee.

Coverage of the meeting can be found at:

San Antonio Express-News