Historic Roots, New Developments in East Texas

Dan Sefko

Wendy Shabay Longview Comprehensive Plan
The Longview City Council unanimously adopted the The Long View Comprehensive Plan on Thursday, March 12, receiving applause and even a cheer from the audience. The plan has been covered extensively by the Longview News-Journal since our Urban Planning + Design Group was selected for the work in summer 2013.

After the plan passed, the News-Journal published a profile of Freese and Nichols. The piece focuses on our wide variety of services in East Texas and our long history of work there, dating to the 1920s. Reporter Richard Yeakley interviewed Urban Planning + Design Group Manager Wendy Shabay, the Project Manager for the Comprehensive Plan, and Fort Worth Construction Services Manager Chris Jones, a Longview native who has worked on a number of projects in the area. Planners Shad Comeaux and Cody Richardson are pictured in the article photos and PR/Communications Coordinator Dan Purschwitz provided background material.

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