ICOLD 25th Congress Covers Climate Change, Clean Water

Ron Lemons

As the current President of the United States Society on Dams​, Central Division Manager John Wolfhope​ served as the U.S. voting representative at the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) 25th Congress in Stavanger, Norway.  

He led nearly 50 delegates representing the United States at this event. International delegates came from almost 100 countries representing more than 99 percent of dams and water storage infrastructures of the world.  

Chief Operating Officer Ron Lemons also attended in his role as Chairman of the ICOLD Committee on Global Climate Change and its Impacts on Dams, Reservoirs, and Water Supply. At this meeting his team wrapped up four years of work, research and preparation of guidelines on this important topic.  

John says, “Norway is a perfect location to host this meeting as their Country has developed more than 90 percent of its electricity supply using very clean and renewable hydropower energy.”  

In addition to business meetings, John had the opportunity to tour some of the most advanced hydropower and water supply engineering accomplishments in the world. He says he’s proud that Freese and Nichols is at the center of leading these International efforts to address the rapid increasing and urbanization of the world population, the adverse effects of climate change, and the challenges of improving the life conditions of billions of people lacking the basic services of water and clean and affordable energy worldwide.

Top Left: John and Keith Ferguson (past USSD President) at ICOLD General Assembly Meeting; Bottom Left: Ron Lemons (right) at General Assembly Meeting; Right: John and Keith with representative from South African Committee on Large Dams (SANCOLD)​​.