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A Modern Vision for Fort Worth

As the Panther Island development emerges, Freese and Nichols is helping bring to life a modern, innovative vision for Fort Worth, Texas. Panther Island (previously Trinity Uptown) will transform a stagnant industrial area north of downtown Fort Worth. It involves construction of a 1.5-mile bypass channel, a lake and a canal network to create an 800-acre urban waterfront community. Freese and Nichols developed the Program Management Plan that guides the Trinity River Vision Authority and partners through design, procurement and construction of 23 interconnected projects.

The gateways to the new riverfronts will be three iconic bridges designed by the Freese and Nichols team. With a thin, cast-in-place concrete superstructure and soaring V-shaped piers, the bridges will appear to float 50 feet above the landscape, lightly touching the ground every 220 feet. In addition to four lanes for auto traffic, each bridge will have dedicated bike lanes and 10-foot-wide sidewalks to promote multimodal transportation. The three bridges are projected to cost $73.7 million. Construction began in fall 2014, with the bridges scheduled to open in 2017 and 2018.

“Vision is a vital part of ensuring positive and responsible growth, and the Trinity River Vision project embraces that ideal in more than just name,” Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price said in a statement when the construction contract was awarded. “With the support of valuable partnerships, like those with TxDOT and Freese and Nichols, which have helped make these beautiful signature bridges possible, the ‘Vision’ of Fort Worth’s future continues to look bright.”

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