Innovyze and XP Solutions Merge

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Jeremy Dixon

Stormwater Engineer

Big news in the hydraulic modeling world: Innovyze and XP Solutions have merged.

The developers of the more common 1D/2D dynamic modeling software merging leads to some interesting possibilities, but so far there has been little analysis of the implications of this action. The press release seems to indicate that overall costs will decrease for the software deployments. But there has been no word on any specific changes to the licensing for either software package, nor have there been any public discussions on new combined product offerings.

The press release states: “[Customers will] have improved access to industry best practices and technical support services across multiple products with lower total deployment, ownership and maintenance costs.”

Innovyze is the developer of the InfoWorks ICM modeling suite (among others), and XP Solutions developed and maintain the XP-SWMM modeling platform (among others). FNI uses both modeling software packages on a regular basis, typically depending on client preference.

Click here for the official press release announcing the merger.

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Jeremy Dixon, PE, CFM, is a Project Engineer in Stormwater Management in Dallas.