Lewisville Vision 2025: Aiming for Big Moves

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Wendy Shabay

Urban Planner

Lewisville comprehensive planOur series on our 2014 Texas Chapter, American Planning Association Awards starts with the Lewisville Vision 2025 plan, which won in the category of Comprehensive Planning.

The City of Lewisville aimed big when developing a comprehensive plan for serious improvements before its hundred-year anniversary.

Our team helped the City expand the conventional three-step planning framework (gathering data, collaboration and analysis, and next steps) to build a plan for a more vibrant livable city. Together we worked to engage the community, gather almost 1,500 stakeholder ideas, and then compress those into nine Big Moves and Next Steps to identify significant, achievable changes for the next 10 years.

Vision 2025 committees developed a clear, concise high-level plan that was well-vetted through committee meetings, planning sessions, public meetings and Council workshops. The planning project achieved high visibility and participation through a notably inclusive committee structure; YouTube videos; meetings in conjunction with events and concerts; and displaying the Vision 2025 logo everywhere: on polo shirts, napkins, buttons, cupcakes, banners and more.

The plan was adopted unanimously by the City Council in July 2014. Widespread support for the plan was reflected in the range of supporting letters for the award nomination, which included letters from elected and appointed officials and local business and community leaders. Work, including committee formation, is proceeding for implementing the Big Moves.

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Wendy Shabay, FAICP, leads a team of 24 planners and landscape architects across multiple states. She is a Vice President in our Dallas office.