Longview Plan Receives Tremendous Coverage, Support

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Wendy Shabay

Urban Planner

The Longview, Texas Comprehensive Plan, titled the Long View, has received extensive press coverage and participation from the community. The project has been covered by the Longview News-Journal and other local news outlets from the beginning, and a series in the News-Journal has broken down various facets of the plan, including parks, transportation, land use, housing and public facilities:

Tuesday, Oct. 21: Draft of comprehensive plan calls for new, updated parks

Wednesday, Oct. 22: Comprehensive plan protects Longview’s future thoroughfares

Thursday, Oct. 23: Longview’s comprehensive plan includes revised future land use map

Friday, Oct. 24: Economic roadmap builds from LEDCO plan

Saturday, Oct. 25: Entryways, housing options to up quality of life

Sunday, Oct. 26: Shifting boundaries: Annexation plan marks 15,000 acres for Longview’s future

Monday, Oct. 27: As Longview grows, services must too

The plan has received strong interest and widespread input, with more than 400 citizens in attendance at the first public meeting and over 2,700 surveys filled out. 

The plan draft will be presented to the public at a meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. in the Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Center. The deadline to submit comments on the draft is Monday, Dec. 15, and the final draft will be sent to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Council in early 2015.

Freese and Nichols began working with the City of Longview last year to develop a 15- to 20-year plan to address city boundary and population growth. Our planners have worked extensively with the public and with project stakeholders, including the Longview Economic Development Corporation (LEDCO), and with the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC), formed to create recommendations and action items on issues including parks, housing, public facilities, transportation and land use. 

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Wendy Shabay, FAICP, leads a team of 24 planners and landscape architects across multiple states. She is a Vice President in our Dallas office.